Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not QUITE progress...

So, nope, I didn't manage to make the pattern for my sleeves last night. However, I did do a little reading, and found a shortgown in Costume in Detail that is kind of similar to mine, and I determined that the sleeve should be a 1-pc sleeve (I was going to make an older-style 2-pc sleeve). That is a little bit of progress, right?

I also pulled my picture from my last post into Illustrator today to work out where I want my armscye to be. While I was there, I mocked up an embroidery idea for the CB panel - I can't actually change where my shoulder and side-back seams are, but I can maybe create the illusion of a proper narrow back with some chain-stitched embroidery (similar to what is seen on the back of this dress.)

Also... the width of the front is now really bothering me. I think I will have to chop it out! (you can see about how much I would take out as delineated by the white block on the picture below).

Lots to do tonight!


  1. It's turning out fine! I like the changes you're proposing; the embroidery in particular would be really cute.
    Good luck with the sleeves. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm hoping that if I just use a simple chainstitch, the embroidery will be quick AND have a good bit of presence.