Thursday, December 12, 2013

Joining the Historical Sew-Fortnightly 2014!

I am a very delinquent seamstress - that is, I have a habit of not finishing things. Or making pieces and parts of a costume and not finishing the outfit. I tend get excited about a time period or a piece type, make all kinds of sewing plans, start a few projects, and then get bored. Or overwhelmed with how many things I want to do and then get daunted in the face of it all and give up.

This has got to stop! I need finished outfits! I have half-finished corsets from three eras sitting in my sewing room, and dresses with sleeves ripped off or bodices waiting for closures. My sewing closet is a sad sight, full of shirts without jerkins and bodices without skirts.

The past year, I've been watching all of the great historical seamstresses of the blogsphere participate in Leimomi Oakes' (the Dreamstress) twice-monthly sewing challenges, the Historical Sew Fortnightly. Next year, I am going to try to make something for all twenty-four challenges (which number may be hastily reduced to twelve once I get going. I have a friend's wedding dress to sew next year, and that takes priority). And I am going to TRY to make them all fit into the years 1795-1815. My goal is to have a slightly more well-rounded and fully-functioning Regency wardrobe for myself and my bebe. Hopefully I will also be able to learn a few skills along the way!

Click the link below to go to Leimomi's explanation of the year-long set of challenges. I'm excited! Nervous, but excited.

Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014,
hosted by The Dreamstress


  1. Hi Abigael! I am joining the HSF, too, this year, also with some Regency era projects I have in the planning. It's good to know there is somebody else around with the habit of making UFOs. See you around. :)

  2. Ahaha, I am horrible about UFOs. You are not alone! Looking forward to seeing your HSF projects - love to see that there are some fellow Regency pals in this challenge.

  3. Same here. It's always awesome to have pals to work alongside with. :) I'll keep you waiting till February/March for my first project though, as that is when I'll get my sewing room back. Looking forward to seeing what else you will be making this year.