Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi! My name is Abby, and I am going to attempt to embark on a somewhat consistent documentation of my costuming projects reproducing the Regency (and maybe a little before and after). Hopefully I will be able to update frequently (translate: hopefully I will be able to get things sewn at a good clip!).

My husband will be contributing to the first venture on this blog, which is to design and sew up costumes for a dinner here in Savannah with the Georgia Regency Society. This will be our first costuming adventure together. You see... we just got married. And now he is stuck forever with me and my costuming obsession! And I am trying to sway him into loving it, too, so he is going to pitch in and help make a gentleman's suit for himself.

Photo by Lauren Wade Photo

(P. S. The painting that I used as my header is titled A Game of Billiards, painted in 1807 by Louis Leopold Boilly. I pulled it off of the Web Gallery of Art.)

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